Factory Relocation in Bangladesh

At kazi Pack and Shift, we understand that your factory is unique in terms of its size and the machinery or equipment it uses. We also understand that moving these heavy items can be a very difficult task. Our team of specialists makes it very easy for you to do so. We can relocate your entire factory or a particular set of machinery.

At Kazi Pack and Shift, we specialize in providing industrial and factory relocation services. Our factory relocation service includes dismantling and reassembly, packing, loading and unloading from transport vehicles. No matter the size of your machinery or equipment in your factory, we have a network of logistics to relocate it locally and also internationally.

We can also relocate high-tech equipment locally and also internationally.

Why choose our service?

 We provide comprehensive industrial and factory relocation. Some of the features of factory relocation service provided by Kazi Pack and Shift are given below.

  • Visit of factory premises and survey by specialists.
  • Warehouse to store your machinery during relocation.
  • Cost effective relocation.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of machinery.
  • Specialized packaging and crating.
  • End to end coordination with all stakeholders.


At kazi Pack and Shift, for your industrial and factory relocation we schedule relocation time, plan logistics, and manage the whole relocation process at minimal costs.

We have extensive knowledge for relocating factories across a variety of industries. We can also relocate factory across Bangladesh and around the world.

If you need industrial or factory relocation then look no further, seek expert help from our highly trained professionals today.